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Explore how to rewire the brain to be your greatest potential

Explore how to rewire the brain to be your greatest potential.


Welcome to Lead with the Brain in Mind Blog. Hello, I’m Steven, and I started this blog to share and learn about how the brain works and how neuroscience can help us achieve and sustain more incredible leadership performance.

As a neuroscientist and executive coach, I believe that a basic understanding of the mind and brain can create breakthroughs in leadership effectiveness and a leader’s ability to impact others. Think about it! The brain drives everything we do, think, and feel. But it’s important to know that we have the power to reshape the brain’s neural circuitry because the brain changes in response to experience.

Thus, how we behave and think influences the rewiring of our brains, and these new neural pathways can support better habits, enhance our performance, and help us live in alignment with our purpose and potential.

The Mission of the blog

The Mission

Learning how to Lead with the Brain in Mind is more of a journey than a goal to be achieved. As fellow learners, we are on

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The possibilities are infinite

What to expect

In Lead with the Brain in Mind blog, readers can expect bi-monthly posts on topics related to the brain, leadership, and the neuroscience of leadership performance.

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