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My Beginnings as a neuroscientist

“Everything we know has its origins in questions” – Neil Postman

It all started with a question: How does the mind arise from the brain?

As a psychology major in college, I was fascinated with brain structure and how each part of the brain contributes to specific behaviors.

I was blown away to learn that complex mental processes, such as thinking, feeling, learning, and perceiving are localized to specific brain regions. 

After years of study, my fascination with brain and mind deepened, and I wondered about other questions:

  • How do genes contribute to mental processes and behavior?
  • What proteins are most important for thinking and emotions?
  • How do brain cells communicate among themselves within the nervous system and with other organs throughout the body?


During my doctoral studies in neuroscience, my research focused on identifying the proteins or genes that allow individual nerve cells to grow and form the neural networks that enable us to behave and think. Today, after 15 years of working in research laboratories and experimenting on brain cells in a petri dish, I apply my knowledge as a neuroscientist to the field of leadership coaching.